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ViRSEWare is the ultimate way to experience ViRSE: A Virtual Universe of people, places, activities and things. Get a jumpstart on becoming a ViRSE Pioneer with our exclusive and limited edition ViRSEWareâ„¢ - Android Devices preloaded with the beta ViRSE App Suite, and promotional bundles of ViRSE's (VIR) Tokens for early pioneers only. Start creating your virtual universe.

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ViRSEWare are proprietary mobile devices that are custom made to enhance the ViRSE experience for our premium users.

Featuring exclusive technology such as stereoscopic 3D displays, 3D cameras and optimzed for the ViRSE suite of apps, ViRSEWare cater to the ultimate ViRSE enthusiast. Fast track your path to VillionaireTM status. Start collecting all the ViRSEWare models today!